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Fire Precautions in the Workplace

Posted: 15/10/2012 10:51

  • Active Fire Precautions
  • Passive Fire Precautions
  • Fire Safety Management
  • The Fire Action Notice
It is important that all staff are aware of the fire safety features protecting their workplace, and understand how these are used or what they must be allowed to do.

To understand how a building is protected, it is helpful to think in terms of the 'active' fire precautions (i.e those that actually do something, like the fire alarm system, emergency lighting system or sprinklers), the 'passive' fire precautions ( like fire resisting construction, separation and emergency exits), and the management of fire precautions (everything from the setting-up of a company fire safety policy to routine testing of the fire safety installations throughout the building).

The most important thing for staff to know and understand is their Fire Action Notice, a simplified procedure for dealing with fire and evacuation. Familiarity with this notice should form a...

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