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Corporate Introduction

Your complete online self help solution to Fire Safety Management

Welcome to the Complete Fire Safety Management platform.

This platform is levelled at multi user Corporate entities or Facility Management professionals, responsible for multiple locations.

Such entities include multiple offices, shops, restaurants/pubs, light industrial units and warehousing. More complicated premises such as large schools, shopping malls, or buildings that may have mixed use managed by a landlord/managing agent or similar, may need a more comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment.

This is where risks are higher and means of escape arrangements are more involved, with a possible requirement for phased evacuation. This may need a more in depth specific solution, so please contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a quote for a site visit and report.

Within the platform you will find all that you need regarding Fire Safety Management to comply with your legal obligations.

You will also find a hierarchy structure whereby as perhaps an Estate Director, you can delegate access to levels below to say a Regional Estate Manager, who could then in turn give delegated access to perhaps a district or local manager. You as Estate Director however can retain a complete overview of the whole property portfolio and see what is happening at a local level.

Firstly though, you will need to nominate a "Responsible Person(s)". This is someone who will be responsible for your premises, is aware of the legal and insurance obligations under the Fire Safety Order and, is suitably competent to complete the important task of assessing your site, undertaking a Fire Risk Assessment and taking responsibility for any actions and remedial outputs.

This role has profound implications in law, as the "Responsible Person" is identified as carrying the liability for your Fire Safety Management. The consequence in the event of a failure, or even failure to comply, could result in enforcement by the Fire Service, or even criminal prosecution.

Using this platform, together with Touchstone, the advice and guidance support service, will help you assess and carry that liability in the knowledge that you are receiving the best industry advice from a leading Fire Safety Management Consultant in Lawrence Webster Forrest.

Included within the platform are, guidance and templates for your Policy and Procedures, emergency plan, fire safety log book, video based basic Fire Training and a Fire Risk Assessment process that once completed, will provide you with a detailed report and action plan.

With the action plan, you will have a prioritised list of objectives. Once these are completed, you then update the information into your Fire Risk Assessment and re-produce your fully revised report. You can also do the same if there are any changes to your premises.

This can be held on the platform or downloaded for your safekeeping. It can also be presented to your Fie and Local Authority or your Insurance provider, if required.

The Fire Risk Assessment will take you through a simple questioning process, covering your premises, hazards, people, protection measures and inherent risks and will give you guidance on how best to manage those risks.

Your legal obligations to ensure Fire Safety are briefly as follows -

Undertake a Fire Risk Assessment and ensure that there are adequate fire safety provisions/measures within the property.

To provide adequate means of raising a warning in the event of fire.

To provide adequate means of escape in the event of an emergency.

To ensure adequate Health and Safety provisions within your workplace.

To reduce risk and review on a regular basis.

To provide adequate training.

To provide adequate Policy and Procedures.

For full details of the legislation, please click here.

Furthermore, you should check the terms of your buildings insurance policy, as contained within many policy documents is a statement such as "you must comply with all relevant statutory requirements and other regulations imposed by any authority". Failure to do so may invalidate your insurance, which of course has profound implications in the event of a claim.