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How Fire Risk Self Assessment and Management online works


Our aim at CFSM, is to make the process of becoming fire safe straight forward and, to use our expertise in Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Management to guide you through each step, resulting in your premises meeting all legal, insurance and ethical fire safety considerations.


STEP ONE - Nominate a "Responsible Person"

The first step you should consider is the nomination of a "Responsible Person". This role has profound implications in law.  This person is responsible for your premises, must be fully aware of the legal and insurance obligations under the Fire Safety Order and can be held personally responsible for the consequences in the event of a fire or a failure to comply. They can also be prosecuted criminally, so it is essential that they are fully aware of the responsibility of that role.

The "Responsible Person" might be you, or a suitably competent employee. Their duties include completion of the important task of assessing your site, undertaking a Fire Risk Assessment and taking responsibility for any actions resulting from that.


STEP TWO - Sign up for the Complete Fire Safety Management Platform

Using this platform, together with the advice and guidance support service we call "Touchstone", will help you assess and carry your liability in the knowledge that you are receiving the best industry advice from a leading Fire Risk and Safety Management Consultant in Lawrence Webster Forrest

Included within the platform are; guidance and templates for your Policy and Procedures, emergency plan, fire safety log book, video based basic Fire Training and a Fire Risk Assessment process that will provide you with a detailed report and action plan.

Signing up for the Complete Fire Safety Management Platform is easy. Visit our Sign Up page and fill out the basic information requested. Payment is taken via WorldPay and you can begin your Complete Fire Safety Management journey today. If you require invoicing instead of using a credit card, please contact us on 020 866 88663 and we will arrange it.


STEP THREE - Online Training for Fire Safety

We recommend that before starting your Fire Risk Assessment, it is advisable to read all the information provided in our Help and Guidance section and watch the Online Training videos. This includes Fire Awareness training and Fire Warden training.


STEP FOUR - Fire Safety Policy and Procedures

The Complete Fire Safety Management Platform provides all documentation relating to Fire Safety Policy and Procedures. The documentation is downloadable and you can edit it to suit your premises. When completed, they should be kept in your records for audit purposes.


STEP FIVE - Fire Risk Assessment

Our straight forward online Fire Risk Assessment tool will take you through all relevant information about your premises to ensure your fire safety obligations are fully covered. You can save each page before proceeding, so if you need to take a break, you can do so. After the Fire Risk Assessment is complete, your "Responsible Person" will have a detailed report and action plan and they can then consider all appropriate ways to manage or mitigate the fire safety risks highlighted and manage the implementation of solutions.

The fire safety action plan will contain a prioritised list of objectives. Once these are completed, the information is updated into your Fire Risk Assessment and your fully revised report is complete. You can also do the same if there are any changes to your premises.


After completion

It feels good to have completed all the necessary stages to ensure you are meeting your fire safety obligations, but it is just as important to keep your documentation and fire safety plan up to date.